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Happy birthday Ginny by Ropeu Happy birthday Ginny by Ropeu
Awww. Look at all of Rizz's friends, bringing her presents and whatnot on her birthday. Mrrr. How luffly. Okay.. the one on the top left is Gerrold. ( Copyright James. ) The little one right next to him on the right.. is Konsetsu. ( Copyright Jimmy. ) And the huge one right next to him is Dreganko. ( Copyright Justie. ) Second row is Ethica ( copyright o.o.. Ethica. xD ) Then Lara Shadows ( copyright Emmy aka my laraluff. ) Mrr. Okay.. the idea of this picture is like.. a birthday party, right? Well, instead of clothes and stuff being brought to her, they're all bringing her food and stuff. There's a bag on Gerr's back, and it contains wristbands from all of them with their initials on them. Plus one from Rope.. since I didn't add her in the picture. ;-; Lara's giving Rizz a ropie plush ( and a balloon from ropeu ), so is Dreganko. Konsetsu is bringing her a bone and Ethica's bringing her a chew toy that looks like a cat.. which they're all feature next to the owners. < 3 Oh, and that thing in the bottom far right corner is a dead carcass.. which is the birthday cake. <33 To everyone that let me draw their characters. I hope you like this Gins. Have a happy birthday. <3: Debbie aka Ropeu
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Ropeu Featured By Owner May 31, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
Wow. o.o; I meant to add that under Gins reply o-o; Oh well. Myeh. .-.
dramakitty Featured By Owner May 30, 2004
Thaaaaaaaank yoooooooou! <3
LaraBara Featured By Owner May 30, 2004   Digital Artist
A little early Debbeh. :P Aww, everyone's so cute. -clings to the Ropeh plushie-
Ropeu Featured By Owner May 31, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
Myif. Yer welcome Gins! n.n I know it's early ems, but I'll probably forget by June twenty eighth. o.x AND, that's not the only drawing I'm making fer Gins. There are some people who didn't give me descriptions, so I couldn't add it to the one that I was making yesterday, so I have to add some more people to another drawing and give it to her when it's closer to her birthday. x3
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May 30, 2004
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